The Cleantech Guide provides easy-to-understand answers to frequently asked questions on sustainability, renewable energy and clean technology.

What is Sustainable Profits Blueprint?

  • Many entrepreneurs wish to start a business in environmental sustainability, clean energy or cleantech domains because of the benefits such businesses provide to the environment and society. At the same time, many of these business ventures pose a serious challenge – they are not very profitable.
  • But there are also those sustainable / cleantech businesses that are highly attractive and profitable. Entrepreneurs who invest in these businesses hence have the satisfaction of making a difference to the world around them while achieving financial objectives expected of attractive business opportunities.
  • The Sustainable Profits Blueprint is the first ever expert guide that provides a list of 30 different sustainable business domains, and also provides the key business and strategic and market characteristics for each of the 30 domains.

Who Will Benefit the Most from the Sustainable Profits Blueprint?

Investors, entrepreneurs and businesses keen on investing in or diversifying into eco-friendly and sustainable businesses will find this blueprint highly valuable for their investment efforts.

Why is the Sustainable Profits Blueprint Unique?

Simple. There is no other similar expert guide available that focusses solely on profitable niches within cleantech, and which is written by domain experts with over a decade’s experience in cleantech and sustainability.

Who are the experts behind the Sustainable Profits Blueprint?

  • The Sustainable Profits Blueprint has been designed and developed by the founder directors at the Cleantech Guide, a division of Energy Alternatives India (EAI), India’s leading clean energy and cleantech consulting firm.
  • EAI’s expertise in cleantech spreads across the entire spectrum, and goes beyond just India. The team’s consulting and research has assisted hundreds of businesses in over 25 countries across the entire cleantech spectrum – renewable energy, sustainable materials, carbon capture, e-mobility, waste management, eco-chemicals, nutraceuticals and more.
  • EAI’s divisions include Solar Mango, Oilgae, Bioplastics Guide & Clixoo. The EAI team’s founders also run the Cleantech Guide & the cleantech innovation platform, CleanTick.

Attractive Market Sectors Covered in the Sustainable Profits Blueprint

Agriculture/Biomass Waste to Value

Air Pollution Control

Bio-based Plastic Replacement


CHP – Combined Heat & Power

Clean Energy Finance

Cleantech Education & Training

E-waste Management


Electric Vehicles

Energy Efficiency

Energy Storage

Fuel Cells

Green Buildings

Green Data Centers

Green Shipping

Heat Pumps

Opportunities in the Intersection of Cleantech + IT (information technology)

Organic Products & Nutraceuticals

Plastics Management

Recycling & Upcycling

Renewable & Eco-friendly Chemicals

Solar Energy

Sustainable Fashion

Wastewater Treatment – both industrial & domestic waste water treatment

Water Conservation

Wind Energy

The Sustainable Profits Blueprint is a global guide providing market and business characteristics for the above sectors on a global scale. At the same time, in order to assist entrepreneurs better, we have made every effort to provide country specific data for the top 10 markets in the world:

But more than data, what will be especially useful for the reader are the unique perspectives that the authors of the report share about each domain, based on their decade plus hands-on experience in assisting businesses across cleantech and the strategic insights they had obtained on key market dimensions and drivers.

Critical Insights for the 25+ Cleantech Sectors

Following insights are provided for all the 25+ opportunity sectors in the Sustainable Profits Blueprint

Type Details
Market size Market size and market potential insights for the overall industry as well as for relevant sub-segments
Market growth CAGR or other market growth characteristics for main segment as well as sub-segments within the business opportunity
Aspirations & drivers Critical insights that enable you to understand the fundamentals of the wave
Challenges and bottlenecks Analyses of the challenges for the sustainable opportunity
Recent market trends Many useful and valuable insights on the market trends that will provide entrepreneurs with food for thought!
Distribution & scalability Analyses of the current and alternative distribution models for the opportunities, as well as inferences on the scalability of the distribution channels
Stability of value chain and supporting ecosystem This ecosystem analysis will help an entrepreneur understand the underlying dependencies of the opportunity much better
Many examples of start ups The Blueprint has a special emphasis on providing a large number of startups examples – to inspire the reader and more important to enlighten the reader of the diversity of opportunities available under each opportunity
Super attractive niche opportunities Entrepreneurs get to know about creative, differentiated and niche business opportunities that could result in much higher premiums and business success
Founder profiles for successful companies and start ups An analyses of the founders’ backgrounds will enable entrepreneurs to understand the character of the opportunity much better and also help them evaluate their own chances of success in that opportunity/business wave
Comprehensive idea of market segments The Blueprint takes a structured approach to identifying all the key market segments under each business wave. Such identification will help entrepreneurs target far more focused markets and opportunities to begin with
Different types of business opportunities We have distilled each business wave to identify different genres of business opportunities. This categorization will help start-ups and entrepreneurs choose opportunities that are best aligned to their backgrounds, interests and strengths/business assets