How did we live before plastics were invented?

Category: Biopolymers, Lifestyle, Lifestyle, Materials, Moderate, Solid Waste

Author : Admin September 15, 2016

It was not long back that a person asked me at a conference: How did we live before plastics? Or perhaps the person meant “How could we have lived before plastics?”. Either way, I liked th...Read more

How best can schools teach cleantech for primary grades?

Category: Education, Lifestyle, Moderate, Profession

Author : Admin September 4, 2016

In my opinion, most adults are are really spoilt and are almost irreparable in the context of making a change to sustainable habits! Small children, they are different. They could be taught the rig...Read more

Can waste plastic be converted to oil?

Category: Moderate, Profession, Solid Waste

Author : Admin September 3, 2016

While plastic pollution can, to a certain extent, be taken care of through reduced plastic usage and through recycling, it still leaves out a good amount of plastic waste to be taken care of. What ca...Read more

Can biomass be used for captive power generation for industries?

Category: Bio, Biomass Heating, Biomass Power, Moderate, Profession

Author : Admin September 3, 2016

Biomass (see What is Biomass?) is available in most parts of the world in plenty. And a good amount of it, in the form of crop waste and forest residues, is available at low costs for use for heat...Read more

What are the best ways to turn fruit & vegetable waste into value?

Category: Bio, Biofuels, Lifestyle, Moderate, Profession, Solid Waste

Author : Admin September 3, 2016

That rotting fruit in your kitchen bin – did you know that you could convert it into stuff of value? Something on the lines of fuel or fertilizers? Households, industries and commercial estab...Read more

How can advanced materials lead to energy efficient cars?

Category: Moderate, Profession, Transport

Author : Admin September 3, 2016

The car as a mode of transportation is one of the most inefficient. That must sound like blasphemy to most people who consider the car as the anchor of the modern civilization. But it’s true. H...Read more

Can all plastics be recycled?

Category: Management, Materials, Moderate, Profession

Author : Admin September 3, 2016

With plastics, specifically disposable plastics, creating significant harm to the environment the world over, a number of measures are being attempted to mitigate such pollution. One of these measures...Read more

What is a smart grid? So, is there a dumb grid too?

Category: Moderate, Profession, Smart Grid

Author : Admin September 2, 2016

We all depend on our electricity grid for power. But, have you ever thought much about the grid? Frankly, I had not, until I entered the field of cleantech. In fact, the only times I ever thought abou...Read more

How much can rooftop solar panels contribute to my building’s energy consumption?

Category: Lifestyle, Moderate, Profession, PV

Author : Admin September 2, 2016

Having solar panels on your rooftop enables you to generate power in a distributed manner, right from your residential of factory premises! With the world seeing a significant acceleration in the use...Read more

So, are energy audits really useful?

Category: Efficiency, Energy Audit, Green Buildings, Moderate, Profession

Author : Admin September 1, 2016

Most of us have heard about energy audits – a process in which your building’s energy consumption pattern in analysed to identify improvements. At the same time, only a few appear to take ...Read more

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