Can I make biofuels from agricultural waste?

Category: Agriculture, Biofuels, Biomass to Liquids, Moderate, Profession

Author : Admin July 15, 2016

With the world generating millions of agricultural waste every DAY, a logical question that arises is: How best can we turn this waste into value? A related question is: If biofuels are produced fro...Read more

Why is not all waste worldwide turned into energy?

Category: Agro Waste, Moderate, Profession, Waste to Energy

Author : Admin June 28, 2016

Municipal authorities in many countries incinerate and convert into energy a part of the solid waste that you throw from your house, or waste generated from industries. But not all waste generated fro...Read more

How can we reduce the CO2 emissions from existing thermal power plants?

Category: Climate Change, Moderate, Profession

Author : Admin June 10, 2016

Thermal power plants usually refer to those large power plants that typically use coal, and in some cases natural gas. A nuclear power plant is also a thermal power plant (and so is a solar thermal p...Read more

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