How best can I power my house with renewable energy?

Having renewable energy generated right at your home is all the rage today.

Well, while you might be reading some fancy ideas about some exotic renewable energy sources you can use to power your home, there are mainly only two practical ways to use renewable energy to generate power for your house.

  1. Rooftop Solar or On-premises Solar – Through the use of solar panels on your rooftop or within your residential boundary. As long your region gets a reasonable amount of sunshine, electricity generation from solar panels is quite feasible.
  2. Small wind turbines – Through the use of small wind turbines on your rooftop or within your residential boundary. The feasibility of using wind turbines on your rooftop or premises depends on how good is wind in your region. Many regions in North America and Europe are windy regions, while there are quite a few regions worldwide that do have sufficient enough wind daily to make small wind turbines economically viable.

While there might be some feasibility in select cases for the use of biomass power to feed small communities, it is pretty much wind and solar power alone that can be used in a majority of cases to power residences.

A related question used to be asked to me: Can I run my house entirely on renewable power generated on my premises?

Well, I have been to some really interesting houses that run entirely on renewables, and I can tell you one thing that was common among all these houses: The chap running the house was a nerd, and at least in one case, a fairly weird guy.

I am not saying that only weirdos can run their houses completely on renewables; I am only saying we are not yet at a stage where the common you and me can live comfortably with no grid power, and only with power generated right on our rooftops. Perhaps sometime not far into the future, but not right away (2016).

However, for those who do wish to have some renewable power generated from their homes, as I mentioned earlier, solar panels and wind turbines are the starting points.

How best can I power my house with renewable energy? - Cleantech Guide

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