How can Internet of Things contribute to cleantech?

We are a jerk generation.

Oh yeah?


Don’t agree? Then just how do you explain the following?

  • We forget to switch things off.
  • We run things at a maximum or a minimum, rarely at an optimum
  • We have become lazy and use little of our analytical abilities for resource conservation
  • We are so unorganized that we do not share stuff even when it can be easily shared

Let’s say I have indeed convinced you we are jerks.

Know what, even jerks like us can actually start doing much less harm, if not do something positive, for the environment, through the use of technology.

One such technology that can be useful to jerks is: Internet of Things.

Look at what IoT’s inherent benefits are, and you will see how it can help us become eco-friendly, sometimes without even knowing we have!

The core benefit of IoT is its potential to add intelligence to a whole host of hitherto dumb objects – your bed, your bag, your lights and air conditioners, your clothes, why, even your garbage!

Combine this intelligence with the advances in Internet, and the processing power that is available with computers on the cloud, and you can see how the IoT can enable even lazy jerks to optimize the use of energy and resources.

IoT can, for instance:

  • Switch off the lights and fans a few seconds after you have left the room, even if you had forgotten to.
  • Through intelligent algorithms, compute how much water really needs to flow out of your shower and minimize the water consumption, without you ever feeling the difference!
  • Possibly point out that you can reuse your existing furniture for a year more just when you had the impulse to throw it away for something new because you watched that cool ad on the TV from the upstart online furniture company.
  • Make you share your car rides with those in your neighbourhood, saving money for all and enabling much less consumption of oil.

Essentially, as more and more devices connect to the Internet the potential for the Internet of Things  to drive efficiencies, increase productivity and promote economic growth is becoming reality.

In the past few months, I have come across a number of startups in India (where I live) as well as elsewhere that are working in the intersection of IoT and cleantech. While some of them are trying to combine analytics and IoT to renewable energy generation sources, some others are looking at making energy consuming equipment more intelligent and remotely controllable.

How can Internet of Things contribute to cleantech? - Cleantech Guide

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