How can mobile technologies contribute to cleantech?

Mobile technology is everywhere. Our future generations will wonder how the world had been able to ever live without it.

Beyond the obvious benefits mobile technologies provide for our life, mobile tech also contributes richly to cleantech and a more sustainable world.

While there are a number of domains where mobile tech and cleantech intersect, the following scenarios provide you with an idea of what’s going on:

  • Less transport fuel – The ability to communicate and transact through mobile devices significantly cuts down travel in a lot many scenarios. Less travel means a lot of avoided gasoline or diesel (or aviation kerosene!).
  • Less paper and resources – Use of mobile communications can also cut down significant amount of physical packages – less paper, and less transport fuel once more.
  • Less energy – Many communications that were earlier done using laptops or desktops are now done using smartphones. A smartphone uses a lot less power for doing the same thing compared to what a desktop or laptop does. (Read this: Do use of smartphones drain us of energy resources?)


It is indeed fascinating think how a combination of mobile tech (doing things from wherever you are), cloud tech (accessing things from wherever you are, whenever you want) and Internet of things (making things intelligent, whatever they are) can remarkably cut down resource use inefficiency.

How can mobile technologies contribute to cleantech? - Cleantech Guide

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