Electric cars are cool, why isn’t everyone using them?

Electric cars are non-polluting.

They do not even have the problem of sound pollution.

And they are way cool.

So, why isn’t everyone using electric cars instead of the super polluting petrol and diesel vehicles?

There are multiple reasons why the ordinary you and me are not using electric vehicles:

  • Price – Most electric cars are still too expensive, wherever they are in the world. As of 2016, the cheapest all-electric car is still about twice as costly as the cheapest fossil fuel driven car. Prices have been steadily coming down, but yet not there at a stage where they have achieved parity with conventional vehicles.
  • Performance – Electric vehicles used to have very short ranges per charge. This is improving, but how good it is depends on the kinds of distances you drive in your car. As of 2016, many standard models of electric vehicles have a range of 80-100 miles per charge (about 130-160 Km), while the king of the pack, Tesla models, have range upwards of 230 miles (370 Km).
  • Battery Recharge – The batteries that drive the electric vehicle need to be recharged, and this could be a pain, especially given that it takes a while to charge the batteries of many cars. To address this challenge, in addition to faster charging technologies, battery swapping concepts are being tried where you get a replacement battery by handing over the battery in which the charge has been depleted.
  • Awareness – Like any other innovation, it is taking time for awareness about electric vehicles to reach the mainstream market. This market still has a number of misconceptions about these.
Electric cars are cool, why isn’t everyone using them? - Cleantech Guide

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