How are hazardous waste materials disposed currently?

The waste that our houses generate are fairly harmless. But there are places that generate waste that are far more hazardous.

Hazardous waste are produced from various sources.

The main two types of sources for hazardous waste are Industries and Hospitals.

Waste generated from industries that send out toxic dumps and hospitals that throw out syringes and contaminants containing harmful substances, are governed by a separate set of rules when it comes to their transportation and disposal:

  • First, they are transported in a vehicle that is different from the usual vehicles that transport household waste (called municipal solid waste).
  • They are then deposited in a separate landfill called the Secure Landfill, which are different from the usual land fill in which our regular household garbage is deposited.
  • From the secure landfill, hazardous waste are usually disposed of through incineration at very high temperatures, in places such as cement kilns or in incineration facilities specially constructed for such waste.
  • In some cases, hazardous waste are also treated chemically to make the waste materials less hazardous, and in some other select cases, microbial treatment of hazardous waste is also possible (in which some nice bacteria actually eat up the hazardous components!).

Very recently, I read about a red hot chase in the US, where a person had taken over a truck carrying hazardous waste. He was given a chase, captured on video too, and finally caught. What seemed to be a bigger concern to the cops was the fact that he had stolen a truck with hazardous material, and not the sole fact that he had stolen something!

How are hazardous waste materials disposed currently? - Cleantech Guide

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