How difficult is it to do composting at home?

Many folks who care about the environment love to do composting. Gardeners love it too.

They all just like the satisfaction of doing growing their own fertilizer and the feeling that they are sparing their community and locality at least of some garbage!

Hey, but just in case you are not aware, we are all humans. So, even these folks would want to have composting as easy as possible.

How easy indeed is composting?

Composting is a rather easy thing to do, but it can get messy if you do not follow some simple rules

  1. Do not throw plastic and oil waste into the compost bin. The same goes for inorganic waste such as metal and plastic which cannot be composted.
  2. Ensure you stir the compost bin once in a while (say, at least once in a week).
  3. Keep the compost bin outside of your home, where there is at least some amount of sunlight. Sunlight is not a must for composting, but note that sun helps increase the temperature, so the bacteria and fungi work faster.

If you just ensure the above three, composting is a fairly simple process. Sure, there are folks who would do many more intricate things, such as adding worms to the compost, being careful about the way they heap the compost etc., but even without these, just ensuring you throw in the right things in the compost bin, allowing it a bit of sunlight and regular stirring are good enough.

To do these simple things, you don’t have to learn anything new, buy anything new or spend any much time.

While such simple composting does take a while to convert the waste into compost (about 3 months), it gives you the satisfaction that you are managing your waste better and you can feel happy seeing some useful fertiliser grow right in front of you. Without having to do too much work.

I have tried using composting both at home and office. At home, it has been a lot easier as we actually have an open garden and things work fine. At my office however, things got messy at first because many of us started dumping stuff that should not be dumped into the composting bin. But once we worked this thing out, things have been going fine, and we have been able to compost all our food waste, which we in turn use it in the small balcony garden we maintain.

How difficult is it to do composting at home? - Cleantech Guide

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