Why should I know about cleantech? It’s about YOUR life and work!

Until now, only folks who are in the energy and environment industries (and of course, Greenpeace-niks kind of chaps) had heard of cleantech, or at least had bothered about it.

If you have nothing to do with the energy, environment or sustainability sectors, why indeed should you know about cleantech?

As if you have nothing better to do!

I will tell you why:

  • IT IS ABOUT EVERY ONE OF OUR LIVES – You might not be in the cleantech profession, but surely you would like to play a small role in keeping at least your home and neighbourhood environment friendly? In the process also make some decent savings. A basic knowledge of cleantech helps you do these.
  • IT IS ABOUT EVERY ONE OF OUR PROFESSIONS – Cleantech is not exactly a new domain, but uses technologies to reduce the environmental impacts of a whole lot of stuff we already do and things we already use. You should hence not be surprised if a supposedly unrelated profession you are in today starts having a cleantech component starting tomorrow.
    • For instance, today a whole lot of electrical goods need to have energy efficiency incorporated in them – this is cleantech.
    • Cars are becoming electric or at least partly electric – this is cleantech too.
    • A good number of commercial and industrial buildings being built today need to conform to certain green building norms – many of which actually require cleantech solutions too.
    • Three different industries (electrical goods, automobiles, construction) which at first sight are unrelated to cleantech, but in which in reality there are cleantech components already embedded. I can name a lot many more industries, but I am sure you have got the hang of it.

So, whether it is to ensure that you have a well run home/neighbourhood and a more healthy life, or whether it is from a professional interest, knowledge of cleantech could make at least some difference to your life and career. For some of you, it might even make a big difference.

Have I convinced you?

Why should I know about cleantech? It’s about YOUR life and work! - Cleantech Guide

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