Isn’t the cleantech thing complex?

Some of you might ask: OK, so this cleantech thing does sound like a useful thing to know. But isn’t it all complex science and engineering and stuff of that sort? Will I be able to understand all these without investing a lot of efforts and time?

There is no denying cleantech is science, technology and engineering. In fact, cleantech is not exactly a new technology, but in many cases it uses or tweaks existing technologies to arrive at a much more positive environmental impact, without compromising on the deliverables.

So, yes, some aspects of cleantech can be complex, just as some aspects of science, technology and engineering can be complex. But there are also many aspects of cleantech that are easy to understand and use.

More important, you need not understand everything before you start using them in some way, need you?

Very few of us know how exactly the aerofoils on an aircraft’s wing works, but we all travel by aircraft all the time, don’t we? Some times, just knowing that a good solution exists is good enough to start using it. Knowing how exactly it works is only a bonus, we can leave that to the geeks. (All the same, aerofoils are cool things. You might want to try understanding them some day)

Isn’t the cleantech thing complex? - Cleantech Guide

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