What exactly are you trying to do over here?

“What exactly are you trying to do over here?” – some blokes have put this bluntly to me.

Translated: “Why are you wasting your – and our – time by working on this site?”

Now, that’s what I call being frank.

Let me try answering this.

You see, I have been working in the cleantech field for almost a decade now. I have been a rover (and yes, I have walked alone too, a la Sinatra).

Being in consulting and market research has, as luck would have it, enabled me to see a range of things within cleantech from close quarters. In fact, I have covered almost every main sector within cleantech for some assignment or the other, and also done some detailed studies on quite a few.

Let’s just say I have had a ringside view of many cleantech sectors, and also: Hey, I can now figure out what’s snake oil and what has some chance of success.

Along the way, I have also answered hundreds of questions – from my clients, from folks I meet at events, guys who just mail me, posers on social media…and yes, pesky questions from those little, curious critters – kids.

For the last few months, I have been thinking of a better way to codify some of the learnings and insights I gathered so that those who wish to learn similar things have an easier time.

Thus was born Cleantech Guide ( www.cleantech.guide ).

My objectives with Cleantech Guide are to:

  • For the Masses – The Cleantech Guide is my attempt at introducing cleantech to the masses (not those already in the field – they don’t need my help).
  • Make it Easy – Introduce it in such a way that they are able to understand stuff in an easy and hopefully entertaining manner.
  • Be Authentic – Within cleantech, enable folks to understand what really works and what is just hot air.

Am hoping that I have been able to do some justice.

Do let me know your verdict – that would be to Narasimhan Santhanam @ – narsi@solarmango.com

Thank you.

What exactly are you trying to do over here? - Cleantech Guide

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