How do we get the world back to good? – We could change the way we live…

So, the world is full of environmental problems – Climate change, pollution, resource scarcity and our own poor lifestyle habits.

Most of us feel guilty about not doing something about it.

And yes, we all would actually like to do something about it.

But what should we do?

This is where the things start getting difficult, as it always does when the rubber meets the road.

What can individuals like you and I do about it? Come on, we have a life to lead, and there are enough problems in our lives to worry about!

Besides, can our individual actions make any meaningful difference to solving these global problems?

And finally, who would indeed wish to make his/her life miserable trying to save the world, while the rest of the world is partying its way to the stars?

Essentially, the summary is this: The world’s environmental problems are not an individual’s problem, they are a collective challenge. The 7 billion plus folks worldwide are not in a hurry to change their lifestyles to tackle this challenge.

If Muhammad will not go to the mountain, then surely the mountain has to come to Muhammad?

If we humans are not going to bend over backwards to save the earth, then solutions need to be invented that require humans to bend only a wee bit while at the same time ensuring environmental sustainability.

The idealistic lot among you may not agree with me – you are likely to argue that we should somehow become more responsible human beings. Nice plan. But my (limited) exposure to humans and our history does not give me hope this will happen soon enough.

So, reiterating: For us to get the world back into shape, we need to put our trust on technologies and solutions that keep our lives and businesses run without disruptions, but somehow do so in a far more sustainable and environment friendly manner.

Such technologies and solutions can be collectively called Clean Technology, or cleantech for short. The Cleantech Guide is all about these.

How do we get the world back to good? – We could change the way we live… - Cleantech Guide


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