Making cleantech as part of our lifestyle

Let’s say I have convinced you that clean technologies can indeed be a key ingredient in making the world more sustainable, without making our lives miserable…

But is it easy to adopt these cleantech solutions as part of our lifestyles? Is there a steep learning curve? Will changing over to cleantech solutions require significant compromises?

Get ready for a surprise: You are already using a number of cleantech solutions without even knowing it. So that kind of answers the above questions, doesn’t it?

Consider these:

  • When you buy an energy star air conditioner, you are using a cleantech solution
  • When you put up solar panels on your home’s rooftop, you had already adopted cleantech
  • When you used the Uber app to hail a cab, you are using cleantech (Really? Yes)
  • When you had invested in a simple rain water harvesting system for your home, you had already started using cleantech
  • When you replaced some of your conventional lamps with LEDs, you already have cleantech right in your living room.
  • And it is not just electrical and mechanical stuff – when you buy organic food, you are already (at least indirectly) using cleantech solutions; and when you are purchasing that mosquito repellent made from plant sources (instead of harmful chemicals), you are again using a cleantech solution.

As I had explained in another post, cleantech solutions are not those with something green painted over them, or stuff with exotic robotic arms! Some of these are solutions we already know or use, and many others are solutions that we all can easily relate to and seamlessly integrate in our lives.

One of the main objectives of the Cleantech Guide is to create awareness of, and sensitize the ordinary folks to, the fact that every one of us can start incorporating cleantech in our lives right away.

Because, in most cases it just starts off with the purchase of an LED bulb!

Making cleantech as part of our lifestyle - Cleantech Guide


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