What’s the biggest challenge facing renewable energy sources?

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Author : Admin September 3, 2016

Until a few years back, one of the biggest challenges facing renewable energy sources was their cost of generation. Now, however, with the cost of solar power dropping fast, and the cost of fossil bas...Read more

Is geothermal energy the same as geothermal power?

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Author : Admin August 31, 2016

Outside of the professional industry circles, only a few people actually know what geothermal energy is all about. As a result, there is significant confusion, leading people to think that geotherma...Read more

Why isn’t geothermal power not popular worldwide?

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Author : Admin August 31, 2016

If you have not heard the term Geothermal Power before, don’t blame yourself. You are in the majority. Geothermal power refers to power generation using naturally occurring hot springs or geyser...Read more