What are carbon credits and how do they help fight climate change?

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Author : Admin August 7, 2016

It is widely agreed that climate change is caused owing to the emission of greenhouse gases, the chief among them being CO2. So, if we reduce CO2 emissions, we start fighting climate change and reduce...Read more

Making cleantech part of business

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Author : Admin May 23, 2016

In another post, I had given my thoughts on how easy it is to integrate cleantech solutions as a part of our lifestyle. Similar is the case with the adoption of cleantech solutions in business. If y...Read more

What’s Wrong with the World? Land, Water & Air Pollution

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Author : Admin May 10, 2016

Who isn’t familiar with pollution? But there are many aspects of these that we do not know. I am providing a short primer here. Land Pollution When we think of land pollution, we usually visual...Read more