How did we live before plastics were invented?

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Author : Admin September 15, 2016

It was not long back that a person asked me at a conference: How did we live before plastics? Or perhaps the person meant “How could we have lived before plastics?”. Either way, I liked th...Read more

How can Internet of Things contribute to cleantech?

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Author : Admin September 15, 2016

We are a jerk generation. Oh yeah? Yeah! Don’t agree? Then just how do you explain the following? We forget to switch things off. We run things at a maximum or a minimum, rarely at an optimum W...Read more

How did we come to rely so heavily on fossil fuels?

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Author : Admin August 30, 2016

Just in case you did not know, the world runs on coal and oil. Yes, even today. Yes, even when there is so much din about solar power, wind power and biofuels all around. Fossil fuels account for alm...Read more

Does using smartphones drain us of our energy resources?

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Author : Admin August 28, 2016

With over a billion people using smartphones worldwide, one gets concerned if smartphones are draining the world of precious energy resources. Let’s do some math to check out if you should inde...Read more

How can design students and professionals contribute to cleantech?

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Author : Admin August 25, 2016

What has design profession got to do with cleantech? A lot, in my opinion. Other than engineers, design professionals perhaps represent the top most segment when it comes to making a difference to cle...Read more

Making cleantech as part of our lifestyle

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Author : Admin May 25, 2016

Let’s say I have convinced you that clean technologies can indeed be a key ingredient in making the world more sustainable, without making our lives miserable… But is it easy to adopt the...Read more

How do we get the world back to good? – We could use cleantech for help

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Author : Admin May 20, 2016

In another post, I made a point that expecting 7+ billion humans to change their lifestyles to save the world is plain unrealistic. So, if we are not going to change our lifestyles dramatically, we n...Read more

How do we get the world back to good? – We could change the way we live…

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Author : Admin May 13, 2016

So, the world is full of environmental problems – Climate change, pollution, resource scarcity and our own poor lifestyle habits. Most of us feel guilty about not doing something about it. And...Read more

What’s Wrong with the World? – Poor Lifestyle Choices

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Author : Admin May 5, 2016

Sometime back, I heard that one of my distant relatives was celebrating his dad’s hundredth birthday. His dad was now a centenarian. A hundred years of life. Unimaginable to most of us, but he...Read more

What’s Wrong with the World – Well, Broadly…

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Author : Admin May 1, 2016

What’s wrong with the world? Too many things are, aren’t they? Poverty, terrorism, arrogance, stupidity… I am sure you have a much longer list than the one above. But I am not here t...Read more