How can design students and professionals contribute to cleantech?

Category: Lifestyle, Moderate, Profession

Author : Admin August 25, 2016

What has design profession got to do with cleantech? A lot, in my opinion. Other than engineers, design professionals perhaps represent the top most segment when it comes to making a difference to cle...Read more

Doesn’t use of biomass for heating or power generation release CO2?

Category: Advanced, Bio, Biomass Power, Profession, Renewable

Author : Admin August 23, 2016

We all have heard that use of biomass – instead of coal – for heating or power generation is a sustainable option. But use of biomass for heating/power generation also releases CO2. So, ho...Read more

Why can’t we simply desalinate sea water to overcome water scarcity?

Category: Lifestyle, Moderate, Profession, Water

Author : Admin August 23, 2016

OK, so we all have heard that many parts of the world are facing, or will soon be facing, serious water scarcity. At the same time, over 70% of our earth is covered by water. Why can’t we simply...Read more

Why is the world going ga-ga about LED?

Category: Basic, Efficiency, Green Buildings, LED, Lifestyle, Profession

Author : Admin August 22, 2016

From being seen as a high-cost, niche lighting technology, LEDs are suddenly springing up everywhere. The LED concept indeed is very simple – it provides the same amount of light as a convention...Read more

How is small hydro power different from large hydro power?

Category: Advanced, Hydro, Profession

Author : Admin August 21, 2016

Most people think hydro power projects are all the same. When they hear hydro power, they think of massive dams and a massive power generation capacity. Hydro power need not always mean large hydro p...Read more

Can concentrating solar PV be combined with solar thermal?

Category: Advanced, Profession, PV, Solar, Thermal

Author : Admin August 20, 2016

For those new to solar, here’s what concentrating solar PV means: It refers to a way of generating solar power in which, through the use of lenses, concentrated sunlight falls on the solar pa...Read more

Can biomass be used for small scale power plants?

Category: Advanced, Agro Waste, Biomass Power, Profession

Author : Admin August 16, 2016

If you had seen conventional power plants, you will know that they are large. Typical coal-based or natural gas based power plants are 100 MW or above in size – many of them over 500 MW. Nuclear...Read more

What is CHP (combined heat and power) in the context of sustainable energy?

Category: Advanced, CHP, Efficiency, Profession

Author : Admin August 15, 2016

If you were working anywhere close to industrial boilers, you would have surely heard the term CHP , especially if you had been in the process industries that use both extensive amounts of heat and p...Read more

Is it true concentrating solar PV can reach 40% efficiency?

Category: Advanced, Profession, PV

Author : Admin August 14, 2016

In concentrating solar PV, much higher efficiencies than those for conventional PV are achieved by concentrating sunlight on solar panels. In this technology, sunlight is concentrated on solar panels...Read more

What are energy plantations and why are they needed?

Category: Advanced, Agriculture, Agro Waste, Bio, Biomass Heating, Biomass Power, Profession

Author : Admin August 14, 2016

You would have heard about coconut plantations, palm plantations, rubber plantations and the like. But – energy plantations? Well, ugh, are these some super natural plantations that guzzle out ...Read more

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