About Cleantech Guide

So, you wish to know something about the Cleantech Guide!

Here’s the dope.

I have been in the cleantech field for almost a decade now. Wow, how quickly these years have flown by!

Having started a small cleantech consulting firm in 2008, I have had the fortune to wade through a whole lot of cleantech domains, meet some fascinating people and learn some real useful things along the way.

During this journey, I have regularly met a number of new comers to this field, and have been asked quite a lot of questions – some of them obvious and frequently asked, some of them strange, and some downright weird.

I thought – Why not put down simple answers to these questions and publish them online? Whoever is keen to learn more about cleantech might find this a useful resource.

Thus was born the Cleantech Guide ( www.cleantech.guide). I hope you find this useful and interesting.

All the best!

Narasimhan Santhanam
Cofounder & Director, EAI – Energy Alternatives India @ www.eai.in 

I live and work in Chennai, India.

About Cleantech Guide - Cleantech Guide