Is ethanol and biofuel one and the same?

Biofuel, ethanol…you have heard these multiple times and got confused.

Are these one and the same?

Not really.

Ethanol is a bio-based fuel that is usually derived from carbohydrate/sugar-based sources such as sugarcane, corn, potatoes, some grasses etc. It can be blended with gasoline up to a certain % for cars to run without modifications to their engines (and to much higher %s with engine modifications).

Biofuel is any fuel that is derived from sources of biological origin, typically plants. All variations of ethanol are of course biofuels.

But all biofuel is not ethanol.

Biofuel is an umbrella term that includes a range of fuels derived from biomass – other than ethanol, these include biodiesel, biogas, biocharcoal, and increasingly a range of less-known fuels such as biogasoline, bionatural gas and so on.

Is ethanol and biofuel one and the same? - Cleantech Guide

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