Is it true that sewage water can be converted into drinking water?

Have you ever thought about where the water you drink originated? I never had, until I read a news item.

A couple of years back in Australia, when a utility company offered the residents drinking water that had been prepared after purification of sewage water, there was a huge uproar, as people felt disgusted at having to drink water that was once full of – shit.

As they say, ignorance is bliss.

But the interesting fact, it was scientifically proven that the water offered by the Australian utility was more pure than what the residents were drinking until then!

Yes, sewage water can indeed be turned into water that is more pure than most of the pure water we drink.

It all depends on the types of purification that we do.

Let us briefly consider what sewage water contains: It contains some solid particles like mud etc., in addition to some plastics and other waste; it also contains a significant amount of organic materials dissolved in water. Finally, yes, it most times also contains a number of pathogens and other disease producing micro-organisms.

Even at a conventional sewage treatment plant without any high tech purification technology, all  the above three impurities are removed so well that the water that comes out of them are of almost drinking quality.

Now imagine putting in a couple of extra steps to purify them further, and you actually get ultra pure water!

Is it true that sewage water can be converted into drinking water? - Cleantech Guide

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