What’s Wrong with the World – Well, Broadly…

What’s wrong with the world?

Too many things are, aren’t they?

Poverty, terrorism, arrogance, stupidity…

I am sure you have a much longer list than the one above.

But I am not here to contemplate on what’s wrong with the world in general – I will leave that to philosophers, god-men, and of course, our politicians.

The question I wish to address is: What’s wrong with the world from environmental and sustainability aspects?

Now we are getting some place.

The following are the key environmental and sustainability challenges I can think of:

  • Climate Change & Global Warming – more
  • Land, Water & Air Pollution – more
  • Resource Scarcity – more
  • Poor Lifestyle Choices – more

The above challenges have already resulted in significant “disasters” already:

  • Natural Calamities
  • Deteriorating Health
  • Extreme Poverty
  • Skirmishes & Wars

Expect these “disasters” to be aggravated even further, if the underlying problems are not taken care of.

Not only are many of us likely to suffer during our lifetimes from at least some of the above challenges, there is a much higher chance that we are leaving behind an earth that is far less safe for the succeeding generations.

Sure, things are bad. So what do we can about it?

Now, that is a better question. This is where the Cleantech Guide comes in.

What’s Wrong with the World – Well, Broadly… - Cleantech Guide

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