Making cleantech part of business

In another post, I had given my thoughts on how easy it is to integrate cleantech solutions as a part of our lifestyle.

Similar is the case with the adoption of cleantech solutions in business.

If you are running a business – whatever sector it is in – there is a good chance you are already using some cleantech solution.

If you are surprised with my statement – I mean, if you had never thought your business had anything to do with cleantech – some of these examples might make you think again:

  • Many industries in the food, pharma and chemicals sectors already use waste heat recovery systems. These could be in the form of what are called CHP (combined heat and power) systems, or capturing waste heat and converting it into useful heat.
  • Many companies in countries with good wind power potential have been purchasing wind power for at least part of their electricity consumption (many of the world’s top brands such as Google, Apple, General Motors, P&G are already running their operations partially on wind power).
  • Most companies that generate industrial waste water already have effluent treatment facilities within their premises. While all ETP technologies might not be classified as cleantech, many ETPs have some cleantech components included as part of the system.
  • If you company had rejigged business processes such that a good number of meetings requiring travel have been now converted into virtual meetings through videoconferencing and the like, there has been a cleantech component in your business too!
  • The electrical industry is one of the most involved when it comes to cleantech, with a number of electrical equipments now converted into energy efficient equipments (think Energy Star ratings).
  • The retail sector in many countries have started adopting sustainable packaging practices, which, along with recycling and other waste management technologies, are cleantech too.
  • The hospitality industry has adopted a large number of cleantech solutions – from intelligent lighting and HVAC for rooms, to water conservation through waterless urinals, and adoption of practical waste management and waste-to-value technologies.

All the above are cleantech, even though none of them come with a banner proclaiming to be so.

Many of the above solutions today are nearing a stage where they are almost plug and play, without disrupting your business activities.

The Cleantech Guide is in fact about many solutions that businesses can easily integrate in their operations such that they are able to run their business as usual while significantly reducing the negative impact of their operations on the environment.

Making cleantech part of business - Cleantech Guide