Does our breathing contribute to global warming?

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Author : Admin October 30, 2016

Sometimes, those who decide to seriously think about CO2 and global warming end up with an interesting question: Hey, don’t we humans breathe out CO2 as well? So aren’t we, just by being ...Read more

How did we come to rely so heavily on fossil fuels?

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Author : Admin August 30, 2016

Just in case you did not know, the world runs on coal and oil. Yes, even today. Yes, even when there is so much din about solar power, wind power and biofuels all around. Fossil fuels account for alm...Read more

Can you explain in simple English what’s being done to combat climate change?

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Author : Admin August 30, 2016

Everyone seems to be talking about Climate Change, but the average Joe on the Road is left confused because nobody is telling him what’s being done in simple English. I will…try. You see, ...Read more

Is CO2 the only greenhouse gas?

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Author : Admin August 25, 2016

Greenhouse gases are the gases that are responsible for global warming & climate change. By absorbing the heat radiating from the earth and transmitting it back to earth, these gases heat up the ...Read more

Doesn’t use of biomass for heating or power generation release CO2?

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Author : Admin August 23, 2016

We all have heard that use of biomass – instead of coal – for heating or power generation is a sustainable option. But use of biomass for heating/power generation also releases CO2. So, ho...Read more

What’s Wrong with the World? – Climate Change & Global Warming

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Author : Admin May 3, 2016

(Updated Aug 2016) There is every chance that you have heard about climate change and global warming, and some of you would have also likely read something about it. All the same, let me give you my t...Read more

What’s Wrong with the World – Well, Broadly…

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Author : Admin May 1, 2016

What’s wrong with the world? Too many things are, aren’t they? Poverty, terrorism, arrogance, stupidity… I am sure you have a much longer list than the one above. But I am not here t...Read more