How did we come to rely so heavily on fossil fuels?

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Author : Admin August 30, 2016

Just in case you did not know, the world runs on coal and oil. Yes, even today. Yes, even when there is so much din about solar power, wind power and biofuels all around. Fossil fuels account for alm...Read more

How is charcoal made from biomass?

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Author : Admin August 28, 2016

When you burn wood incompletely, you would have seen the black residue left behind. This is charcoal. So, that kind of explains how you make charcoal: Incomplete combustion of biomass! Technically, ch...Read more

Does natural gas emit lesser CO2 than coal?

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Author : Admin August 28, 2016

A large percentage of thermal power plants that generate our electricity run on coal. Another prominent fuel used in these thermal power plants is natural gas. Besides some operational advantages th...Read more

Doesn’t use of biomass for heating or power generation release CO2?

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Author : Admin August 23, 2016

We all have heard that use of biomass – instead of coal – for heating or power generation is a sustainable option. But use of biomass for heating/power generation also releases CO2. So, ho...Read more

I came across the term Clean Coal. I mean, how can coal power be clean?

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Author : Admin June 20, 2016

Talk to any eco-activist, and you will soon know who their #1 villain is: Coal. OK, the world has heard them, and the power plant owners have responded by saying they will try to make coal clean. Ugh....Read more