What are micro-grids and what are their benefits?

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Author : Admin September 3, 2016

For many city dwellers in developed or even developing countries, it is rare to be without electricity for a long time. Most of us are used to 24×7 power. This is possible mainly because of the e...Read more

How best can I power my house with renewable energy?

Category: Basic, Green Buildings, Lifestyle, PV, Renewable, Wind

Author : Admin August 31, 2016

Having renewable energy generated right at your home is all the rage today. Well, while you might be reading some fancy ideas about some exotic renewable energy sources you can use to power your home,...Read more

How can there be zero energy buildings?

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Author : Admin August 26, 2016

Buildings consume almost 40% of all electricity generated. That’s a lot. At the same time, there are many buildings worldwide that claim to be zero energy buildings. But such claims to zero ener...Read more